• ZIFA Board Set to Meet Over Abandoned Independence Cup Match

    Monday, 20 April 2015 VOA Studio 7

    There was drama at the National Sports Stadium when the Independence Trophy final was called off due to a power cut. What had been billed to be a day of celebration turned out to be nothing but an ordinary day after the Independence Trophy final was called off due to floodlights failure at the...

  • Zimbabwe Opposition Party Blames Zanu PF Govt for SA Xenophobic Attacks

    Monday, 20 April 2015 VOA Studio 7

    Opposition Africa Democratic Party president, Marceline Chikasha, says the Zimbabwean government must share the blame for the xenophobic attacks in South Africa due to its failure to provide local...

  • Ex-Prisoners petition Zimondi

    Monday, 20 April 2015 Radio Dialogue

    The Zimbabwe Ex-Prisoners Development Aid (ZEPDA) is set to lobby the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) Commissioner Paradzai Zimondi to have access to the country’s prisons for them...

  • Banks increase lending to productive sectors in FY14, limit exposure to individuals – report

    Monday, 20 April 2015 CHANNELZIM

    Zimbabwe’s banking sector has increased its lending to key economic sectors after reducing its exposure to individuals now seen as high risk because of company closures and rising non-performing...

  • Low-cost operators to boost domestic, regional tourism – industry officials

    Monday, 20 April 2015 CHANNELZIM

    The growth of low-fare airlines in the country is expected to help grow the tourism sector as travel becomes cheaper and connectivity improves, industry experts have said. Government has adopted an...

  • Tsvangirai rejects claim he ignored SADC advice

    Monday, 20 April 2015 CHANNELZIM

    MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has dismissed claims that he and his party ignored advice from SADC leaders sympathetic to their cause, not to take part in the July 2013 elections which the...

  • Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn Mulls Alliance With Mutasa

    Friday, 17 April 2015 CHANNELZIM

    Simba Makoni, leader of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) party, says he is open to an alliance with democratic forces in the country, including a new political project being mulled by Didymus Mutasa,...

  • Anti–xenophobia demo rocks Harare

    Friday, 17 April 2015 CORAH

    Hundreds of people on Friday morning marched to the South African Embassy offices in Harare and handed over a petition condemning xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The petition was handed over to...


    Friday, 17 April 2015 CHANNELZIM

    Zanu PF will not have the five vacant Bulawayo parliamentary seats on a silver platter after its candidates were challenged in all constituencies at the close of the nomination court yesterday. The...

  • Parly urges compulsory HIV, Aids testing for prisoners

    Thursday, 16 April 2015 CHANNELZIM

    Senators have suggested compulsory testing of prisoners as HIV and Aids continue to worsen among inmates at correctional facilities.The Senate Thematic Committee on HIV and Aids said there was a need...

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